Ubuntu 22.04 not starting correctly

Re-flash the device and run the apt commands to fix it.

Hi DaveYYY
Re-flashed and run
sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack
Worked ok after some difficulty with sdk manager similar errors to when I
did sudo apt update on the agx orin.
Seemed to work on second attempt.
I take it TensorRT 10 is not part of jetpack 6 TensorRT is , as per Suhash announcement.
Cheers for your help its been a long couple of days.

Back to square 1 screen not loading correctly has a number of attempts.
See the start of this Discussion.
What is happening !!!

Don’t know what you are trying to say here.

What is going on here?

Hi WayneWWW.
Its quite simple. When my machine boots up ,
1)I get boot screen as normal.
2) When I login I get Screen With default background picture no Icons
3) Then a black screen with Icons
4) 2) & 3) repeats
5) I eventually get default screen with Icons then I can proceed,
This was my orginal complaint . I followed all instructions above and I seem to be back to square 1.

Could you share the dmesg and /var/log/Xorg.0.log by using serial console or ssh to share them out and attach?

Also, what was done before this? Did you already reflash your board?

Hope this is what you want
Copied the file to another directory and attached
Just copied these files renamed dmesg as dmseg.txt so upload could see the file.
Xorg.0.log (22.3 KB)
dmesg.txt (71.6 KB)

There is no error log in these two logs.

Is your problem from fresh sdkmanager image?

Used sdkmanager to image latest os
sudo apt update
sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack
Every thing seemed to be ok.
Sorry I’m not much help as I only noticed the problem when turned on this morning.
I have installed firefox and
Jetson-containers text-generation-webui
since and before I turned off yesterday.
Currently installng riva v2.15.1 which is downloading so can’t restarted (which incidently the correct screen came up first time) the last time I restarted.
The problem occurs when I switch off and start from scratch.
I might have a keyboard problem with a occasional sticky (A) key untill I can
shutdown and restart with new keyboard I can’t tell if the problem is that simple.
Will keep in touch and thanks for all your help so far
Initial turn on of agx orin switches between screen as previously mentioned.
Restart correctly with the correct screen,
Not a duff keyboard problem.
Is there anything more I can produce to solve the problem or shall I just ignore?


Just to clarify. You may need to know when and how did you create such behavior out so that we can help you.

For example, if you installed lots of things all at once then we may be not able to locate which package is causing this problem…

Hope you had good weekend.
reflashed system on nvme same as before. (probably not mentioned this before)
Installed firefox using

chromium is installed using software app (my mistake as I thought snap may be the problem)
pip3 installed
System rebooting and shutting down and restarting correctly.
Will keep you informed

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