Ubuntu 23.10 nvidia-driver(535) stuck

I am currently using Ubuntu 23.10 and Nvidia driver 535. During the use process, I found that many software in the system is stuck. Below, I recorded a Nautilus operation video, and when I use a standalone graphics card driver, I can clearly feel that it is stuck. Another issue is that there is a high probability that the expansion screen will go black whenever such a lag occurs. Only by switching to the Ubuntu built-in expansion strategy can normal use be restored.

Note: When I switch the driver to an open source driver or change the protocol from x11 to wayland, there is no such issue.

Screen Record
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (333.1 KB)

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Does this only occur when you have the external monitor connected?

This situation occurs whether I use an expansion screen or not, but when there is an expansion screen, the expansion screen will stop outputting the image

When you have no secondary monitor connected, does this also occur if chrome is not running on the nvidia gpu?
Thing is, the internal display and desktop is driven by the intel gpu, so you’ll have to find out first whether the i915 or the nvidia driver is causing this (by not using the nvidia gpu).

I disconnected the expansion screen. However, if the program is running on a standalone graphics card, there may still be issues. I recorded a Jetbrain idea in both kernel and standalone graphics card startup situations. It is obvious that using a standalone graphics card startup will cause some functions to malfunction, while running Chrome will indeed cause some programs to stall. The specific reason is unknown.
I passed the chrome://flags/ After setting Enable Vulkan in, other programs will not get stuck when Chrome runs,but if I specify using Nvidia driver to start other programs, it will cause the program to stall

Screen Record