Ubuntu Crashed

While i want to install a package i can’t install any package but it solved.
Now when i run the Jetson TX2, only black screen coming and some text are flowing. The last message is
voltage operation not allowed
could not set regulator OCR (-1)

And while i try CTRL ALT F2 or F3 login screen comes and goes in a short time,

You might be able to use ssh. If you can, provide a copy of the output of “dmesg” and the log file “/var/log/Xorg.0.log” (you can rename it Xorg.0.txt so the forum will allow it as an upload). If this does not work through ssh, then you will have to use a serial console to log the boot. For serial console, see:

You will also want to describe your monitor connection, e.g., if it is purely HDMI or has adapters.

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