Ubuntu Error after installing JetPack 3.0

On the TX2 I get a “Sorry, Ubuntu 16.04 has experienced an internal error” when I click System Settings-> Software and Updates.

As far as I could tell the JetPack 3.0 successfully installed. The last thing I recall it doing was compiling some GIE packages.

The only anomaly was the host didn’t recognize the finish until hitting enter multiple times and/or rebooting the TX2.

The crash details are as follows

/usr/bin/software-properties-gtk 0.96.20


software-properties-gtk crashed with dbus.exceptions.DBusException in call_blocking():org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ExecFailed:Failed to execute program.com.ubuntu.SoftwareProperties:Permission denied

It also trashed my Digits Install on both host machines that I tested it on.

Both host machines are Ubuntu 16.04

Is there a safe way to install JetPack 3.0 on the TX2 without impacting anything on the host?

Like a docker package?

It sounds like it is a host side issue and not an issue for the Jetson…is this correct, or is the crash on your Jetson too?

For whichever machine you are getting the crash on you might want to run “dmesg --follow” and monitor as the crash occurs to see if it offers more information (if “–follow” isn’t supported you’ll have to check where dmesg ends before the crash, cause the crash, and the check what was appended to dmesg manually).

The crash is only on the Jetson TX2.

I’m trying it again using a clean install of 14.04 on the host.

Installing it from a clean install of Ubuntu 14.04 on the host seemed to work fine. On the Jetson side it now correctly displays the Settings->Software and updates window.

However, I did notice during the install that there was at least one IP address that it couldn’t reach so it said something along the lines of using an older/obsolete package. It went by quickly, and so I’ll need to find the complete log to determine what exactly was missing. This kind of thing may have happened on the previous install using the 16.04 host, and that could have caused the problem.

I am getting the same message on Ubuntu 16.04 host and am unable to download DIGITS. I have flashed my TX2 with
Jetpack 3.0

Would it be advisable to do a fresh install of 16.04 or 14.04?

JetPack3.0 is very outdated…currently for production release 3.1 is the recommended version. There is also a pre-release 3.2 out if you are interested in testing (NVIDIA doesn’t announce release dates, but having the pre-release out tends to imply a full release is being worked on).

NOTE: 3.1 produces L4T R28.1, which in turn is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

I got same station, now have a solution ?

Which JetPack version are you using? What is your host PC Ubuntu version? Are you running into a flash issue, or are you running into a package install issue? Do you have any kind of description of any log message or failure?