Ubuntu install

Hi, sorry to bother you but the installer seems available through the launcher but the install button is missing. Should I install some additional component?

hello @eliabntt94 -
Can your tell me what your are trying to install? Also what version of Ubuntu (18.04 or 20.04).
A screen shot if possible?

Hi, thanks for the quick answer. I’m trying to install machinima in Ubuntu 1804. Machinima has Linux in the available distributions but no install button appears.

hello @eliabntt94 -
I think i understand. The issue is that we have a page for everything we release in Omniverse. But we do not yet support some application/OS combinations. So yes you see the page, all the descriptions, etc. But if an unsupported application for the OS we do not have an install action.

We try to show this with the “Platforms” icons in each page. Here is the Machinima page. Notice the “Platforms” section only has a Windows icon (bottom left part of picture below)

Yep that I know. But in platform I can see the Linux icon for machinima.