Ubuntu Linux Performance setting static location hang mx350 x unable to reset without loaded module

Ubuntu Acer MX350, set performance to max from Demand with Nvidia app. Unable to run settings editor again aftert reboot since viable system with nvidia module loaded doesnt occur. Purge and reinstall does not clean the hidden setting. Where can it be found, older version of Linux xorg.conf could force this? This is 20.XX and Xorg.conf is virtual. And Nouveau driver blank screens MX350 also, only boot available is Vesa. I plan to look into sys/module later, this really should reset in a purge though, isnt that the purpose of purge? Thanks. I also installed sever versions of the driver with purge reboots in between. Once set to the intolerated Max performance, all driver versions cursor hang prior to X.

I suspect you’re talking of prime settings, this can be done running
sudo prime-select on-demand

Is prime-select a Nvidia package or a common module? Could I purge the module to clear all Nvidia settings? I tried the setting, didnt work, but I may have made several other mistakes. The nouveau open source wont work with the MX350 on that laptop. Shame Nouveau is not current. Thanks for the help.

Prime-select belongs to Ubuntu, it’s an infrastructure package named nvidia-prime.