Ubuntu not connecting to Jetson TX1

Hi there!

I am trying to connect to my Jetson TX1 which is embedded in a robot at my Robotics team and we are not able to do it successfully. My friend’s Mac is able to click on “Devices” in the network manager e choose “Jetson” and run “ssh ubuntu@<here goes Jetson’s IP>” and successfully connect to the Jetson, which is running Ubuntu. Trying it on Ubuntu, the network manager does not connect nor does the ssh. Here is the script that should help us connect but returns failure messages.



echo “setting up interface”
ifconfig $iface down
ifconfig $iface $ip up

echo “setting up connection”
iw $iface ibss leave
iw $iface set type ibss
iw $iface ibss join $essid $freq

echo “result:”
iw $iface link

Any help is appreciated!

I don’t think IBSS (ad-hoc) mode is supported on Jetson. Check this post.
Your friend’s mac may be using another mode.