Ubuntu PCs getting Crashed after 10 trials of Multiple mfi_jetson-tegra186 TX2 Flashing (4 units in parallel)

We are trying to flash 4 TX2 Tegra modules continuously in Ubuntu 20 and 21 Version PCs, After continuous flashing of 10 trials (4 parallel units) our PC is getting hanged entirely and we have no control over all USB Devices.

We need to restart the PC to regain control completely.

can you please help with this to improve its performance of it during continuous parallel flashing

PCs used (ubuntu versions 20 and 21 )

  1. python --version ---- (Python 2.7.17
  2. python2 --version ---- (Python 2.7.17
  3. python3 --version ---- (Python 3.10.9

What is the Jetpack version in use for your board?
For Jetpack 4, you should use Ubuntu16.04 or 18.04 as your host PC.

Does your PC get totally hang or just USB stuck w/o response?
Could you see your board through lsusb at this moment?
Or try with another USB port.

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