ubuntu-server L4T


Are there any plans to create an ubuntu-server or equivalent stripped down version of the L4T distribution? For our products, we flash L4T on the device and subsequently install ubuntu-server while deinstalling ubuntu-desktop. We would like to install ubuntu-server directly. We looked into making an image to flash of our own, but this seems tedious. Also upgrading this image would not be trivial.


I have not heard of any such plans (which doesn’t mean a plan doesn’t exist). One approach is that if you have a modified file system, then you can clone it, and use the clone for flashing other systems. Loopback mounted clones can be updated with standard mechanism, e.g., another clone, or else rsync.

Okay nice. Do you have any pointers where to look for the cloning tool inside the JetPack distribution?

Cloning may differ some depending on release, but mostly the TX1 and TX2 are the same (other than a naming difference…partition names are not always the same on TX1 versus TX2 even when they both use L4T R28.1…cloning before R28.1 has more differences). See: