Ubuntu Setup

I am hoping to get two GPUs working on my ubuntu 11.10 box. Ideally I want to have a higher spec NVIDIA Fermi GPU on the PCI Express 2.0 x16 which I want to use only for OpenCL kernel execution and a cheaper NVIDIA Fermi GPU which I want to use to run x11 from. Is this possible? Does anyone have a similar setup? How did you get it working in Ubuntu with unity?

I have a similar desktop config with a GTX570 and a GTX260 working on OpenSUSE 12.1. Just install the graphics driver which can recognize them all. You just need to connect the monitor to the cheaper card and leave the better card for computation.

Got this working and it was just as easy as you described in ubuntu. I bought an AMD/ATI card and it had given such a headache to setup and be able to use through ssh in Ubuntu 11. Not buying AMD/ATI if im using Linux again, fglrx is just a headache.