Ubuntu system of xavier can'be logged in

Hello guys,

I used my xavier to build a dataset to train my neural network.
Unfortunately, the dataset was not successfully built because of the memory error (the process was automatically killed).

When I restarted my xaiver, the ubuntu system can’be logged in any more. The following errors flashed. And I couldn’t enter the tty, too.

Who can help me to solve this problem. Thanks a lot in advance!

maybe no memory left at hard drive/ sdcard?

Hello Andrey,

thx for your reply.
I think so. But I can’t even enter the tty now. Do you know how I should solve this problem?

Thx a lot!

If there is no valuable information I would reflash it;
If there is sdcard with valuable information it could be copied to somewhere before reflasing

Hi Andrey,

I entered the tty again fortunately and solved the problem.
Thx all the same.