Ubuntu Unity (11.10) SDK Example Glitches


Got CUDA 4.0 running just fine, compiled the examples with minimal fuss (had to point some symlinks to /usr/lib/nvidia-current-updates/). When I try to run certain examples from the Examples, though, the window manager becomes very unresponsive and sometimes won’t even put out any visible output.

Examples of things that glitch:
particles (particularly bad)

Examples of things that run fine:

This has happened both with a GTX 460 and GTX 560. Ubuntu 11.10 with 280.13 drivers (not dev drivers). I’ve observed this on two different machines.


I have also had this problem. so far I’ve been unable to find a solution. If I do come across one I will post it here. Essentially, what happens with many of the demos, seemingly the ones with very high framerates, is that they run fine if you leave them alone but if you interact with the window in any way the entire desktop manager freezes, sometimes to the point of needing a hard reboot.

For those interested: I run on a Tesla C2070 and a GTX 295. I also use Ubuntu 11.10 with 280.13 drivers (not dev).

I have determined that this problem has something to do with the whole Unity/GNOME3 debacle. I was able to achieve normal interaction in all demos via the following:

sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback

then, log out and before logging back in, click the little gear icon on your login screen to select gnome-classic for your user. After doing so, I have had no issues with NVIDIA stuff. The shell itself isn’t perfect since it’s just an emulation of the original Ubuntu interface, but now that I know it’s a shell issue with Unity I’m going to try some other shells as well.