Ubuntu20.04 black screen

I ran into black screen on Ubuntu20.04 with my GTX1080 after do apt update. Tried some solutions in this forum but still not working.
Please help…
Here is my debug-report:
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (316.4 KB)

Your logs are a bit odd, the journal says that current bootup was on january, 5th. Which I don’t believe, might be a corrupted journal.
I can see two xorg sessions running on the 1080 but nothing else. Do you run standard Gnome? Does the black screen happen before gdm is displayed?

I am sorry, I uploaded the wrong file…
here is right one.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (408.3 KB)

Please try removing ‘nomodeset’ from kernel command line.

Seems not fortunate…
I reran the bug-report, here it is:
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (408.3 KB)

There doesn’t seem to be any xserver trying to start at all. What exactly are you seeing after boot?
Please try:
embedding driver into initrd:
disable wayland:
reconfigure gdm:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm
log in and manually start gdm:
sudo systemctl start gdm

Thanks, tried your solution, and now it works!

Nothing works for me. My desktop system has a NVidia Gefore Titan X 1650 and I got a black screen after rebooting with Ubuntu 20.04 Focal.

With [CTRL]+[ALT]+[F3] I can get a login screen that is frozen with static (no flashing) cursor and non-responsive keyboard.

In safe mode from Grub the system does not boot either and displays a sequence of lines of code before it freezes.

There is no way I can do anything from a command line, so no bug report. Also I have no idea of which drivers are installed for the graphic card.

I tried to repair Ubuntu from usb drive but the test version of Ubuntu does not even recognize the already installed OS on the local drive. But it does allow me to access the drive and system files on the local disk. So is there a mean to modify the system files, extract a bug report or update the NVidia drivers in this way?

You might be able to use chroot to modify your original OS using the live image. Mount your system partition, check the mountpoint. Then

sudo mount -t proc none /<mountpoint>/proc
sudo mount --bind /dev /<mountpoint>/dev
sudo chroot /<mountpoint> /bin/bash

There you can uninstall the driver and get some logs using

journalctl -m -b0 >journal.txt

Thank you.
So I open a terminal in the root directory of the live version or of my original OS installation?
What is meant here with the ‘system partition’?
If I can uninstall the driver, what do i replace it with?

System partition=where your original os is installed on.
With chroot you’re changing to your installed OS.

Thank you again.
What drivers do you recommand under Ubuntu to avoid the black screen event?
Those original from NVidia, Nouveau drivers from Canonical, anything else?

Try adding the graphics drivers ppa

Please find attached the nvidia bud report.
nvidia-bug-report.sh (35.6 KB)

So the mountpoint is /media/ubuntu/longlocationname
use that for the chroot method.