UE4 and Isaac Sim can't livestream animation blueprint

Hi, I’m trying to using nucleus to connect unreal engine 4.27.2 and Isaac Sim 2021.2.1, It includes an avatar whose action is created by animation blueprint and when I export the level to omniverse and open the usd file on unreal and Isaac sim, the animation can’t be played on both sides. The avatar remains in T-Pose. Is it because UE4 connector doesn’t support the animation blueprint export or?

@LouRohan would you please help

It is possible that if the animation is triggered by a blue print action and not the construction script that it will not export. We recommend that if you want animation on meshes to export, put it in a level sequencer, assign the animation directly to the actor in the level, or if there’s no other alternative, record the animation on the avatar using the sequence recorder.

Let me know if this doesn’t work out and we can dig further into the issue.