UE4 Connecter: How to export Skeletal Mesh animation to Omniverse?


I have a character which has skeletal animation.
The animation is assigned in sequencer.
This sequencer has camera animation and character animation.
When I export the level to Omniverse sequencer get exported and both camera and character is in that sequencer.
While camera animation is working character animation not working.
For character I see a track with a transformation track in it but no animation track. (and I cannot even add one)

Skeletal animation is not supported?

Omniverse Plugin Version: 100.3.493.cea5d9a3
MDL Plugin Version: 100.3.493.91e48433
Omniverse Client Library Version: 0.18.0-0953256a-release
USD Version: 20.8
Build Date: Dec 17 2020

This should just work seamlessly given your description. I assume that you are attempting to view the exported USD in Create? There’s no such thing as “Omniverse sequencer” yet, so I want to be clear where you are trying to view the animation.

I will dig around and try to see what might be wrong with this until I hear back from you, thanks again for reporting your issues and questions!

No, I am not using Create.
Unreal level to Omniverse → open USD from Nucleus server in Unreal (please refer to attached image)

when hitting play camera moves but no mannequin animation.
Mannequin does not have blueprint. just a simple skeletal mesh.

I have reproduced your the issue where the Skel Mesh animation doesn’t play in Unreal Engine when imported as USD in the 100.3 version. We have a hotfix (100.4) that will be released very soon that fixes this. I’m sorry about the malfunction.

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Hotfix 100.4 is out and should address this issue.


I’m still seeing this issue with Pixar’s HumanFemale_walk file.

I’m using:

Interestingly the HumanFemale_keepAlive appears to be working okay.


PS. The animation track exists but is empty.

Thanks for this report on the Pixar USDSkel examples. I found two issues:

  1. The keep alive USD loads the animation, but it is offset from what is supposed to be the start time of the stage (101). I’ve filed issue OM-27454 for this.

  2. The walk animation is missing from the Level Sequence. We have the xform keyframes, but the animation is never triggered. I’ve filed issue OM-27456 for this. I have a feeling that it is related to the offset issue in the keep alive stage issue. If I resave the stage so the animation starts at t=0, things load more correctly.


Sweet! Thanks for taking a look and filing those issues.

Jason, the HumanFemale USD sample import issues are fixed and will be released in the next hotfix. Thanks again for reporting them! You can watch the Unreal Connector Updates thread to be notified when we release it.

We released the 100.6 hotfix which addresses this issue, please check it out!