UEFI boot menu is not responding by any input


We ported the Jetpack 5.0.2 (L4T r35.1 GA) to our customized board with Xavier NX module on it, and it works fine so far. Now, we’d like to enter UEFI menu to select the boot device under serial port.

However, UEFI did receive my “ESC” key and enter UEFI menu, but after that, menu is not responding no matter I input any keys, like ESC, enter, f1, arrows,…

Here’s my test configuration:

  1. Serial Port : 115200 8N1 no flow control
  2. Serial Terminal: gtkterm
  3. Hit ESC at host PC side.
  4. We have a USB3.0 hub IC bridging USB keyboard and Xavier NX’s USB port.

Some hints from my tests…

  1. I can enter menu by hitting ESC, so there’s no USB3.0 hub IC driver issue.
  2. The cursor in the menu looks refreshing quickly and jumping randomly on the screen. It looks like there’s a running program blocking the keyboard input.

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

Hi @kayccc
Yes, I need support on this due to our manufacture and BSP QA process.

Are you saying that you cannot control the menu?

Hi @WayneWWW
Yes, I can not control the menu.

Are we talking about the UART console or on the HDMI monitor?

Hi @WayneWWW
Both UART console (please see my test configuration) and HDMI monitor are not workable.

We can control UEFI boot menu from display and uart on JetPack 5.0.2 with Xavier NX devkit, not sure if anything wrong on your BSP porting.

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