UEFI programming on NX Module


I am looking how to program the UEFI bootloader on the NX module. I have downloaded the source, complied and created the .bin files. I also see a number of .dtbo files were created.

What is the procedure to program the .bin files and which dtbo files are used on the NX?


What procedure do you want to know here? Not quite sure what you are asking.

And the dtbos are listed in the p3668 config file you used to flash the board.

Ok. I have generated the .bin files and the .dtbo that are in the image/ folder under the edkrepo. Now what do I do?

What I am looking for is the next steps. Do I copy the files (i.e., all of the dtbo files bin files etc) to a location where the “sudo flash.sh” is run. Do I need all of the .dtbo files when I flash the uefi? Does the flash.sh automatically pick up these files or is there a different set of parameters for the flash.sh?

Is there a document that describes the steps to be used after compiling to program the newly generated uefi onto my NX module?


Yes, the wiki page of UEFI source code shall indicate you to the document.

I did go through that document, but I couldn’t see a reference that described how to program the uefi bin file.

Can you show the section that describes the commands or method I should use to program the uefi bootloader?


Does your “program the UEFI bootloader” mean you want to “flash” the UEFI bootloader to the device?


You can replace new jeson_uefi.bin to your Linux_for_Tegra and do full flash and it will take effect.

Great. Thanks that worked.

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