UFM SDK Package Download

I’ve been recently working to integrate our monitoring solutions into an Elastic stack. I’ve been heavily relying on our ‘MCare’ server, which has the UFM SDK installed on it.

While researching the functionality of the UFM SDK, I’ve read that we’re free to integrate this product for internal use, however I haven’t been able to find the package so I may install it on another device other than one on Red Hat (our production fabrics don’t allow certain operating systems).

Where is the UFM SDK located? Who’s a good contact that can assist in providing this package to my team?

Hi Seth,

UFM SDK software is included in the UFM software package.

In order to download the UFM software package, you will need to first log in to Mellanox MyMellanox portal.

Under “MyLicenses” → “Software” you should find latest available for your account.

Documentation will also be available in the documentation set.

I hope this helps.