UHD HFR hardware?

Hi - we’re looking to display UltraHD 3840x2160 at a minimum of 120Hz. The data is generated by CUDA and displayed via DX11 interop.

Since no available physical screen will support this, the idea is to get 4x 1080p monitors which do 120/144Hz.

Next question is how to drive such a setup? The Quadro K6000 cards support 4 outputs, but it’s not clear from any specs I can find whether it can drive them all at this kind of refresh (although it seems like it should be possible if it can do 4x 4k @ 60Hz).

Can anyone confirm/deny this will work?

The other possibility is to use 2x GTX780’s each connected to 2 monitors each, and modify the CUDA/DX11 code to send half the frame to each pair of screens. Again be good to know if this should work in theory? We’d lose any ability to frame-lock in this scenario I’d assume.

Thanks for any help,

Mark Atkinson