UHS-1 support in Nano


I am working on a carrier board that runs on Jetson Nano. I tried integrating the patches in below zip file and I am unable to observe the SD CLK signal changing from 3.3V I/O to 1.8V I/O. According to my understanding, UHS-1 signaling should take place at 1.8V.

Is this the expected behavior? Please suggest me how to properly enable UHS-1 support.

Patch file:
9875882.diff.zip (1.7 KB)


Your custome design carrier board or from our partner vendors?


Why do you need to integrate that patch? What jetpack release are you using?

That patch has been merged for quite long time ago and if you use latest release, you don’t need to merge that patch.

What you should do is give correct vmmc-supply and cd-gpios to the sdhci device tree. Please search “sdmmc3” over this forum post and search for latest post regarding this kind of topic.

Hi. I am using L4T version 32.4.4 and the carrier board is from Connectech. As you suggested, cd-gpios and vmmc supply are provided in my dts settings. I used three different makes of UHS-1 cards none of them enumerate in UHS mode. I am posting my dtb dump for SD interface below.

Please let me know if any settings needs to be changed/added.

dts_dump (3.6 KB)


If this carrier board is not made by you, you should contact the vendor for their issue, but not directly come to ask here.

We do not have any board information of their board.

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