UI Apps - Finer-grained control of main window chrome

I would like finer-grained control over the layout of the main window title bar and main menu. Specifically I want to be able to group, style, move and combine these two elements with other UI widgets, for instance to be able place an application logo to the left of both of these, like so:


This request should also be considered in conjunction with OM-92983.. In the case that OM-92983 is delivered, then I would want my logo to span the solution to OM-92983 as line 1 and the application tab bar as line 2.

User story

As a marketing exec, I want to brand our company apps so that they are visually distinctive and easily
identifiable, delivering 3 key benefits:

  • Brand recognition - establish and reinforce brand identify, as a visual representation of our company
    and its values
  • Professionalism and credibility, emphasising that we pay attention to detail and instilling confidence
    in users, allowing them to trust and engage with the app
  • Differentiation and memorability, building a connection with our target audience

For Omniverse customers interested in a kludgy workaround using Kit 104, see GitHub - md84419/kit-app-title-menu-logo-experiment

For NVIDIA developers, issue #OVC-2561 is slightly related to this.

Thanks for the feedback Michael. I’ve logged OM-96569 and linked it to OM-92983.

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