Ultrawide and how nvidia should use either machine learning or other GPU accelerated ways to convert videos with aspect ratio 16:9 to 21:9 (ultrawide)

Why can’t nvidia or developers use GPU acceleration and/or machine learning to convert 16:9 aspect ratio videos to 21:9 aspect ratio videos. This is a huge problem when browsing video content (e.g. youtube, netflix , HBO etc) and when watching video at 16:9 aspect ratio on an ultrawide (21:9 aspect ratio).

I know there are apps or add-ons to chrome that will have some good results, but most of the time result in an over zoomed - in image and unintentional cropping of content at outer rims of video. I think if nvidia developers could use GPU features to tackle this issue - it would be solved much better - that would probably result in a better and more robust solution.