Unable to access Enterprise Support on https://nvid.nvidia.com (504 - Gateway Timeout)

I’ve been getting a # 504 - Gateway Timeout for the last 2 weeks when I try to access the Enterprise Support pages on https://nvid.nvidia.com
I’ve tried from different computers, so I don’t think it is a client issue.
Any suggestions?

Hi @sigurd.k.brinch,

That’s a bummer. Do you get the same if you try https://enterprise-support.nvidia.com/ ? Do you have an IP address (or range) that you’re coming from that you can share, so we can check the logs and see what our side shows?


Hi, I’m experiencing the same issues when trying both links above. 504 - Gateway Timeout. I have tried multiple clients as well. Last IP tried from were



It seems to be related to my work IP (currently in the range
I can access it from my home address in the range


Hi @sigurd.k.brinch and @simon65 ,

I’m not sure what to recommend here. We did some testing, and have been able to access the support portal from a variety of different external subnets and can’t get it to fail the way you two are seeing. There was a customer who hit something like this semi-recently, and it ended up being that their corporate firewall had blacklisted some of the @nvidia.com networks that are used by our CDN.

E.g., from my home network I get:

Name:    fp2b07.wpc.phicdn.net
Aliases:  nvid.nvidia.com

Since we use a CDN for that portal, I don’t have a specific list of IPs to check with, but maybe that’s a place to start with your local IT team?

In the meantime, what are you needing to access on the support portal? Perhaps there’s a different way to get at it that we can figure out while the portal access gets figured out.


Hi, I experienced the issue both connecting from my home network and when trying from a separate work network.
I was however able to connect when sharing my phone’s 4G connection with my laptop.

I agree that this issue is hard to troubleshoot and since I was able to find a workaround I will probably not spend any more time pin-pointing the issue.

Thank you for the time spent on this.


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