Unable to access the contents of Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with CUDA C/C++: "There was an error loading this course."

I had started with the first lab but cannot see any progress nor continue from where I left off.


Me and my classmate are having the same issue.

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Same issue on the generative AI with diffusion models course.

I believe we’ve resolved the problem for both of these courses, they were slightly misconfigured. Please let me know if you continue to encounter this issue.

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Thank you! The issue is resolved.

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I’m having the same issue with the Augment your LLM Using Retrieval Augmented Generation course.

Can you try accessing the page using an in-cognito browser? I’m unable to replicate the issue, but occasionally browser plugins will interfere with our platform’s ability to load course contents.

Nevermind, I see what the problem is. You somehow signed up for an invalid course, I’m going to enroll you in the correct course right now. Would you mind telling me how you originally enrolled in the course so that I can prevent this from happening to other students? I believe we may have an invalid link somewhere.

I used this link: Course Detail | NVIDIA
I clicked on it from the list of trainings on this page
Generative AI and LLMs Certification

Thank you for the additional information, I’m reaching out to the appropriate team to update the link for the course.

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