Unable to achieve PPS with Jetpack 5.0.2

Using 419 didn´t work at all for some reason, with pps not showing up in /sys/kernel/debug/gpio at all.

But I managed to get to the following now:

[ 334.111412] pps pps1: PPS_GETPARAMS
[ 334.111447] pps pps1: PPS_GETCAP
[ 334.111458] pps pps1: PPS_GETPARAMS
[ 334.111469] pps pps1: PPS_SETPARAMS
[ 334.111477] pps pps1: time format unspecified (11)
[ 334.111607] pps pps1: PPS_FETCH
[ 334.111617] pps pps1: timeout 3.000000000
[ 337.115582] pps_core: Error in cdev_pps_fetch: ETIMEDOUT
[ 337.115593] pps_core: pps Error in PPS_FETCH: -110
[ 337.116061] pps pps1: PPS_FETCH
[ 337.116071] pps pps1: timeout 3.000000000
[ 340.187534] pps_core: Error in cdev_pps_fetch: ETIMEDOUT
[ 340.187544] pps_core: pps Error in PPS_FETCH: -110
[ 340.187988] pps pps1: PPS_FETCH
[ 340.187998] pps pps1: timeout 3.000000000
[ 340.195238] pps_core: Error in cdev_pps_fetch: -ERESTARTSYS
[ 340.195248] pps pps1: pending signal caught
[ 340.195408] pps_core: pps Error in PPS_FETCH: -4

with the following debug prints in pps.c:

case PPS_FETCH: {

err = copy_from_user(&fdata, uarg, sizeof(struct pps_fdata));
if (err) {
pr_err(“-EFAULT in PPS_FETCH pps\n”);
return -EFAULT;
err = pps_cdev_pps_fetch(pps, &fdata);
if (err) {
pr_err(“pps Error in PPS_FETCH: %d\n”, err);
return err;

hello mhtechdev,

if there was any error the IOCTL sequence/call would have failed…
you may check if interrupt count is increasing, please check the irq interrupt of pps pin, the interrupt counter should increase by one for every second.

Yes, the interrupt count for pps1 in /proc/interrupts counts up, and stops increasing when I disconnect the physical PPS wire. So the GPIO config is fine I guess? Why doesn´t it get through to the PPS driver?

as I mentioned in comment #15, this is a generic linux driver, please debug into it.

According to Using pps-gpio on Orin - #3 by JerryChang the issue is known and you are looking into it? I haven´t been able to get further, so any further help is appreciated.

no, conclusion is mentioned here… Jetpack 5.0.2: UART: CTS pin not working - #15 by JerryChang

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