Unable to add RTSP sink and Message broker together in deepstream pipeline

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• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU): NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 dGPU
• DeepStream Version: 6.1
• TensorRT Version:
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version (valid for GPU only): 510
• Issue Type( questions, new requirements, bugs): bugs
**• How to reproduce the issue ? **
Add RTSP sink and Kafka Message broker to the pipeline


Adding these two lines to the code ends up in following warning:

sys:1: Warning: g_object_get_is_valid_property: object class 'GstUDPSrc' has no property named 'pt'

Pipeline works fine if either the RTSP sink or the Message brokers are removed.

Can you put your full pipeline graph?

As far as I know, the above warning is not related to Message broker. It is a harmless message printed when you try to view the RTSP Stream.

rtsp_sources → nvstreammux → nvinfer → nvtracker → nvdsanalytics → nvmultistreamtiler → nvvideoconvert → nvdsosd → nvvideoconvert → tee

tee.0 → capsfilter → nvv4l2h264enc → rtph264pay → udpsink
tee.1 → nvmsgconv → nvmsgbroker

The pipeline works fine if I replace either of tee.0 or tee.1 with fakesink

The issue is now fixed, it occurred that I had added a fakesink to the pipeline which wasn’t actually linked anywhere in the pipeline. Removing the fakesink resolved the issue. :-)

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