Unable to boot jetson Nano

I installed ros melodic in jetson nano and,installed librealsense patched it.
After reboot,the system gets struck at this point (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g0nF0fQfYCyxzyqsHYkyAAvjMF0EpsPP/view?usp=sharing) and does not boot.
After a long time,the system becomes blank.
I have 64gb memory card so,storage should not be a problem.
Please help me to fix this.

Hi aswinkumar2019, can you try re-imaging your Nano with fresh SD card image and try installing ros-base first?

Sorry, I installed it in 32gb memory card and,after installing ros and librealsense it was almost full.
I installed them in 128gb memory card and, it works perfectly fine. Sorry for not updating it here