Unable to boot on my TX2 + Orbitty Carrier

Hi there,

I recently got a Stand alone TX2 Module and the Orbitty, ConnectTech, as the carrier board:

Is there any tutorial to get started with the TX2 Module?
Is there a preflashed OS on it as well as on the Dev Kit edition?

I pluged it on my Orbitty Carrier and got no display (through HDMI) and keyboard’s lock/unlock key LED does not light up.

Thanks by advance for tips and clues.

Hi CocoChannel2,
Depending on where you purchased the TX2 module it may or may not have came with a pre-flashed image.

To flash an image onto the TX2 that is compatible with the Orbitty you should follow the instructions here:

There are also many other guides and tutorials related to Connect Tech’s carrier that can be found here: