Unable to build .cu File with VSE++ 08

Hello everyone!

System information:

Windows Vista Home, SP2

Toolkit 2.2

SDK 2.2.1

Driver 186.03

Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition

I am able to compile and run the example Files of CUDA. I have also completed all steps of the Getting Started Document and varified that the installition is correct. Now I am trying to make my own example. Therefore I add a new directory in examples named testFiles where I have the file test1.cu with the following simple code:

By now clicking on Start Debugging following error occurs:

What I am doing wrong?

Greets Alex

OK, the problem discribed above has been solved … but there is a new one, I have expanded the program a little bit


I am using the German version - the Error is “error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol”

I read some topics with the same error and added the extern “C” thing, but it won’t help.

Does noone have any advice for me? :( If i posted in the wrong forum, please let me know



I have exactly the same problem. I added in Linker Additional Dependencies msvcrt.lib.

that helped on some errors. but 10 errors are also with my compilation script on.Same then on yours.




the problem is at another point.

the cuda/bin

there are bin2c.exe fatbin.exe filehash.exe

they all refer to dlls

a wer.dll bcrypt.dll and ncrypt.dll

if this 3 dlls are x86 they will not run on an x64 CPU environement

so for example fatbin cannot make the link then correctly