Unable to build ImageProcessingCS in SDK

Unable to build the ImageProcessingCD in the provided SDK. I can build the other examples that are provided. I run on win 7 x64 with VS 2008 x86. Using CUDA toolkit 3.0. Receive the following error message:

Error 15 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol “public: static enum D3D_PRIMITIVE_TOPOLOGY __cdecl CDXUTSDKMesh::GetPrimitiveType11(enum SDKMESH_PRIMITIVE_TYPE)” (?GetPrimitiveType11@CDXUTSDKMesh@@SA?AW4D3D_PRIMITIVE_TOPOLOGY@@W4SDKMESH_PRIMITIVE_TYPE@@@Z) referenced in function “long __cdecl RenderScene(struct ID3D11DeviceContext *)” (?RenderScene@@YAJPEAUID3D11DeviceContext@@@Z) ImageProcessingCS.obj ImageProcessingCS