Unable to build the Template project Setting VS for CUDA development

Hi All,

1 - I have read the NVIDIA CUDA 1.1 programming guide.

2 - I have run the sample projects satisfactorily to make sure that my 8800GTS card is up and running for CUDA.

3 - I have copied the template project to a new folder “Mytemplate”. I have made the changes to the filename and references to any “template” to “Mytemplate” in the source files, *.sln and *.vcproj files.

4 - I’m using VS2008 for my development.

5 - When I try rebuilding the Mytemplate solution, the linker returns an error saying that it could not open the Mytemplate.obj file.

It sounds like I don’t have VS setup for nvcc.

Any help is appreciated.

AFAIK CUDA is only supported under VS 2005 and 2003 so far.

Since I also have VS2005 installed, the next step that I tried is to try to open the template solution under VS2005. When I do so, it says “The application for project …\template\template.vcproj” is not installed.

More information … I tried creating a new C# project in my installation of VS2005. It seems that my installation of VS2005 is caput. It worked prior to installing VS2008. So now, a conundrum: Do I risk reinstalling VS2005 on top of VS 2008? and hope that it doesn’t screw VS2008 OR do I wait for NVIDIA to provide their blessings for CUDA development for VS2008

Any comments and/or recommendation highly welcomed.

I’d suggest a clean installation of vs2005 using Visual C++.
If you’re using the express edition, you’ll also need to install the Microsoft Platform SDK


I appreciate your recommendation. I think you are right. There is no way of knowing when NVIDIA will support VS2008.

I’m going to clone the development drive that I have now. That way I don’t clobber my VS2008 installation. I’ll Install VS2005 Professional on the cloned drive.