Unable To Calculate All Metrics

Hi, I’m using visual profiler with all metrics and events selected on GTX680 under capability 3.0 and driver/runtime version 5.0.

I always get a “Unable To Calculate All Metrics” message(snapshot attached). I’ve followed the suggestion to re-profiling my application but still get exactly same message.

If I profile same application using visual profiler on GTX480(under capability 2.0 & driver/runtime version 4.1), this message won’t pop out.

Does anyone get this message too? Any suggestion? Thanks :)

Could you use 5.0 nvvp to calculate all the metrics for your code? Maybe nvvp 5.0 adds some metrics that your code does not have.

I was facing same problem, Try to use CUDA 5.5 it will help you as it did for me … :)

Hi niting,I use cuda 5.5 as you said,but the problem is still.
I always get a"The start and end timestamps on kernels,memcpys,and other collected profile data are invalid.Those profiling records have been dropped and will not be displayed in the timeline" message.
can you help me? thanks!