Unable to "clara pull platform"

I am following the steps to install Clara on a Server

I am doing this on an AWS p3.2xLarge instance of Ubuntu 18.04.

The problem is when I do a “clara pull platform” step I get this error:
clara pull platform
✔ Yes
Error: unable to fetch latest version information
401 Unauthorized

I am very stuck on this error.

I suspect the problem may be in the previous step.
In the previous step:
there was no orgteam I could find so i left it as “nvidia/clara” and for --name I used the criptic name from the ngc website in the right top corner just under my name, is this correct?

ubuntu@ip-10-0-1-182:~/ihs/clidir$ clara config --key NGC_API_KEY --orgteam nvidia/clara --name cripticnamefromngc

I have figured out the problem: for NGC_API_KEY i did not specify the correct key.

Thank you