Unable to connect Create & View to Nucleus Server

Hello. I’ve installed different enterprise apps and trying to connect to Enterprise Nucleus Server. I can connect to it from Audio2face, but can’t from Create and View apps with error “Unable to send results back to the application that initiated the authentication. This error message is expected if your client was released prior to year 2021.”. How to fix it or any workaround ideas?

Nucleus stack 2021.2.2-2021-10-13;
Create 2021.3.8_win_ent;
View 2021.3.10_ent.

Hi @advorko! Welcome to the community! Would you be able to send me your Nucleus logs? You can find them here:
Nucleus Logs : %HOMEPATH%\.nvidia-omniverse\logs

Hello. Thanks! If I understand correctly, this is the path on my local machine, but inside I see folders with logs of my local Nucleus and don’t see folders with application logs. If I have to provide Nucleus server logs, then please specify the logs of which containers I should provide. I previously checked the nucleus-auth logs, but there were no errors.

Hi @WendyGram
I got the same problem, is there any update?
Thank you !

@user152416 Did you install your Nucleus server without SSL? I’m not sure if that is a solution, but we reinstalled our Nucleus with SSL parameters, and login works.

Hi @advorko
Thanks for your information.
Yes, I installed the Nucleus server without SSL version and I solved the problem using the link below.

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