Unable to connect the nvidia drive to the internet

Please provide the following info:
Hardware Platform: [DRIVE AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit]
Software Version: [DRIVE Software 10.0]
Host Machine Version: [native Ubuntu 18.04]
SDK Manager Version: []

Hello, I’m trying to start up the drive AGX and I encounter a problem with connecting to the internet.
I followed the instructions in the ZIP documentation.
I connected the dual GbE to HSD dongle to the 10GBE [3/4] port as stated in a similar post here.
The support person, also asked to restart the network-manager service. but it seemed odd as the service is masked, just like all other networking services (some nv_networking_configuration service is also masked]
considered it was adviced to restart a masked service, I unmasked the services, but it doesn’t really do much. I managed to get into the networking through this in the ubuntu gui, but it doesnt connect.
I aim at the eth0 as I believe it is the device that handles the ethernet.
through the documentation it seems like it needs to be a straight-forward process to get internet, like its plug and play, but it seems nothing like it.
additionally, I would like to know why the services come masked, I shouldn’t be using them to connect to the internet?
I would appreciate any help,
I will append my ifconfig
ps: I just flashed the drive to version 10.0

Hi @miker2808,

You may follow this topic (created by another developer recently) and see if same issue.

Before further help on this topic, we will appreciate it if you change your DevZone account to use corporate or university email address by following below links. Thanks!

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I accidently used my private account for the topic, please if you dont mind, continue with referencing this account with the coroprate email.
To the similar topic created recently by another person. As I’ve seen the topic came to a dead end, so I decided to open a new one.
I would still appreciate an answer to the reason why the network services come masked. and answer whether the connection to the internet through the AGX is supposed to be a ‘plug and play’ or requires further configuration I might have missed in the documentation.
Thanks in advance.

Thanks for clarification of your account!

Please elaborate what do you mean the service is masked. Could you show us some messages about it?

when I flashed the drive, the network services come as masked - meaning they are forcibly disabled.
I unmasked them, but if you use the command ‘systemctl list-unit-files’ I get this:
this is how the services arrive from a fresh installation.

so, I would like to ask, should the services be kept as masked? and should I configure something inside the linux after I connected the HSD and the dual gbe dongle?

The problem is, even after unmasking the services and enabling them, the I the linux shows “connected” to 2 types of network, one hv0 and another eth0, but no internet.
Additionaly pinging gives a reply from some local IP “host is unreachable”. Sunday, I’ll give more information if necessary.
Thanks in advance.

Dear @mikepo2808,
I notice the same masked services on my target. I could see eth0 is getting 10.x.x.x IP. If you disconnect ethernet connection, eth0 is expected to go away. Please see if proxy setting is required to enable internet in your office premises similar to other linux hosts.

managed to fix the issue by manually setting ip address, subnet mask, and gateway, numbers given by the corporates IT team.
the networkmanager in this drive is not working well in automatic mode, and most likely other people have issue because they they did not set them manually.

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