Unable to connect to DIGITS UI on AWS DIGITS 6 EC2 Instance

I recently created a DIGITS 6 EC2 instance on AWS. I am able to successfully establish an ssh connection to the instance but when I try to establish an http connection to the public address of the instance on port 5000, having followed the usage instructions (see attached image) provided with the instance, I am unable to connect. I have tried stopping and starting the instance various times, each time being issued a new public IP, but still cannot connect. I have also changed the settings of the security group to add port 34448, which was the port stated for the UI on the DIGITS 4 AWS EC2 instance, but this has not worked either. Is there something missing from the usage instructions, for example I am I supposed to start the DIGITS service on the instance or change to a specific directory prior to attempting to connect to the DIGITS UI via a browser? Is there anyone on this forum that is using a DIGITS 6 EC2 instance on AWS an has successfully managed to connect to the DIGITS UI via a browser?

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