Unable to connect to HDMI and keyboard on TX1


I initially connected the board to the the monitor and keyboard but nothing happened. 2 green LEDs were turned on but the keyboard didn’t show any LEDs (num lock, caps,…).

I then tried to log in through the ethernet. I was able to connect and ping the IP but wasn’t able to ssh into the device.
The error said: ‘Cannot read from socket: Connection reset by peer’.

I used JetPack to configure the board and then was able to use ssh to login to the TX1. (There was some error initially here too: about permissions, and after running JetPack using sudo it was resolved.)

Again after connecting it to the monitor, I am still getting no display or any lights on the keyboard. However, using ssh is possible.

What possibly could be wrong here?
Help would be appreciated.


I found the solution. Apparently, you need to turn on the board without the usb and HDMI plugged in. Only later, once the board boots, then connect the monitor and keyboard.