Unable to connect to Jetson Orin AGX dev kit


I was able to set up the AGX Orin in the headless configuration with the provided USB-A to USB-C cable to a Mac computer. I was able to run through all the Ubuntu setup and Jetpack installation steps. However, there was an issue with my terminal where the Orin wasn’t responding and I closed the terminal and now my computer is unable to detect the Orin through ls /dev/cu.usbmodem*. I have restarted the Orin but am still unable to detect it. I can hear the Orin fan spinup for 1-2 seconds before getting much quieter. I tried putting it in forced recovery mode but it is still unable to be detected. The USB-C cable is plugged into the USB-C port alongside the 40 pin connector and hasn’t been moved in anyway. Any suggestions?

Sorry that we don’t guarantee Mac would work fine or not. Please find a native x86 ubuntu20.04 or 18.04 host.

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