Unable to connect to remote target via SSH


I’m trying to connect to remote x86_64 Linux target from Linux machine and no matter which authentication method I select I get “Connection failed!”

The target is hidden over VPN and all my network traffic is routed through proxy. I’m able to connect to it with SSH from my console, both with password and key.
I’m able to launch ncu-ui with X11 through SSH but it is rather slow, so running it form my PC and just using remote would be much better.

Is there any need for proxy configuration in ncu-ui in this setup?
Is is possible to get what error did ncu-ui during ssh connection attempt?

There are two potential failure points here: There could be a problem with the SSH connection established by the tool, or there could be a problem with the non-SSH ports opened afterwards to communicate between the host and the target processes. The latter can be configured, but is by default 49152.

In order to pinpoint the problem for your SSH connection, we will need some more details:

  • Which activity in the UI do you use, the Profile activity or the Interactive Profile activity?
  • Do you have anything special in your SSH configuration file?
  • If you connect to the target machine using your regular SSH client in verbose
    mode (ssh -vvv <target>), what authentication method is reported as being used
    when the connection is successful ?

As a workaround, if interactive profiling is not required, you can also use the command line interface locally on the target system and later import the report created using the -o flag in the UI on your local host machine.