Unable to create folder Isaac in Isaac sim localhost

I tried to add the Isaac SIm Sample Assets by following the documentation here Native Workstation Deployment — Omniverse Robotics documentation because Isaac SIm said, “Warning: Nucleus server not configured correctly.” The issue was that I was unable to create a folder named Isaac in localhost.

I tried directly creating it, but nothing happened. No error message in the terminal like the one in this post: Cannot create folder in localhost,create a folder and nothing happen. The solution in this post didn’t help either. I could not find the “User Management section (bottom-left icon) in the Nucleus Web,” but I went to the Nucleus tab in Omniverse and checked all of the permissions for the folder inside Users. The permissions for localhost were immutable.

I tried using the web UI to create the folder inside local host, but the only option when I right clicked was “New mount.”

It seemed I could create a folder in another folder inside localhost though. So I created a folder called Isaac in another folder, but I couldn’t move it to localhost. Any idea what I need to do to create the folder?


I think you can try the first method adding the sample asset as packages Native Workstation Deployment — Omniverse Robotics documentation
and at when you want to add the folder to the localhost just drag the folder into it rather than uploading.
Also in order to access the “User Management section” you should see a user icon on the very bottom left on the black bar and if you click on that it would open the user management.
hope that helps.