Unable to debug java after upgrade of project to latest version

After upgrading my project files to the latest tools (tadp-2.0-r5-windows) I am unable to add breakpoints into java. This was working fine before the upgrade, and if I create a new Java/JNI project with the new toolset I can debug java as normal. Can you offer any explanation why the java debugging might have stopped working with the project upgrade?



Further information:
Hovering over the breakpoint in the java code it says “The breakpoint will not currently be hit. Native side is not running and the VM is not responding”.

The code where the breakpoint is located has already been run at this stage and I have hit breakpoints within the c++ code.

Hello Nigel,

The message might be a little misleading - it just means that VS cannot create a Java breakpoint while standing on a native breakpoint. But if you set some Java BPs and press Continue (F5), ignoring the messages, they will be correctly created and hit.

Could you please try to do that and see if it works for you?

If I remove all my native breakpoints and only have java breakpoints they do not get hit, but I know that the java code has run.

… and I have Native and Java set in the debugger. The breakpoints do not get hit if I set just java debugging.

Any Ideas?

Hello Nigel,

The problem does not reproduce for me. Could you provide us a sample so we can find the source of the issue? See the private messages inbox for details on how to do that.