Unable to download and install Jetpack 3.1 - L4T 28.1 on Host PC(Ubuntu 16.04) for Jetson TX2

I’m unable to install the Jetpack 3.1 L4T 28.1 on Ubuntu for NVIDIA Jetson TX2 board.
I am following below process:

I get a pop up with installer with next button and follow the procedure until
it comes to Jetpack L4T Component Manager.

In Component Manager I am unable to view any packages and it hangs there with error.

I have Internet access and can access any websites through browser. Do I need to set up
anything in my terminal for downloading packages.

Please Help in this regard.

There have been various people at specific places in the world where filtering got in the way. Other people have simply removed their JetPack directory, then tried again and it worked.

Hi PH00478803,

The “linuxdev” comments is correctly.
Please check your internet or download JetPack then try again.

I did download JetPack again after removing the directory but I am still facing the same issue.

I am able to open and access all the NVIDIA sites and download .deb and .run files. I am facing issues with downloading JetPack packages through command prompt (error in Component Manager ).

Do I have to change any internet settings before I start with the download?

Please help.

Hi PH00478803,

Please check your system requirements first:

Then following below install guide:


It wouldn’t be unusual for any kind of firewall, proxy, filter, or other limitation of where you are getting in the way.


Thanks for the response.

There were few limitations from the proxy server that I was facing .I could install packages from the website but not command line terminal. Hence got an alternative for the download. Using repository.json and manifest.json the source code URL for every package required was mentioned and downloaded using the command

$ sudo wget

The .deb .tar and .zip packages were installed.On executing ./JetPack-L4T-3.1-linux-x64.run -installation process gets completed as needed