Unable to download GDPR agreements and EULA

This is a new installation. I have adjusted firewall exceptions to allow access for this application. I am able to access the json file with the eula information through web browser but not through the application

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Hi @user121064! I asked the team about your question. I’ll post here as soon as I hear back. Thanks for reaching out to us!

Hi @user121064! You shouldn’t need to download anything to access our EULA or GDPR. Take a look at our documentation here: NVIDIA OMNIVERSE LICENSE AGREEMENT — Omniverse Developer documentation

I believe we handle GDPR here: NVIDIA PRIVACY POLICY

Let me know if this helps answer your questions!

when launching the application i encounter that screen and cannot continue to be able to use the application. I attempted to run the application in command prompt and encountered an error stating
FetchError: request to https://messages.launcher.omniverse.nvidia.com/en/gdpr.json failed, reason: self signed certificate in certificate chain. then points to a location in the appdata directory to a file named app.asar

Hello @user121064, Sorry I wasn’t able to answer your question. I’ve asked for some help from the dev team. I will post back when I get more information.

To help us troubleshoot:

  • What is your GPU and Operating System?
  • Can you attached your log file? C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs
  • A screenshot will also help! Thanks!

this is going to be an instructional bench not actually utilizing any hardware to process any information, just to provide UI access for training purposes. I am attempting to set it up on a dell precision 5400 with intel UHD
launcher.log (82.7 KB)

Same issue here.
Do you use a proxy in your environment ? If it is a proxy issue, according to the docs you can fix that by specifying the proxy server as a flag to the launcher : Using a Proxy Server — Omniverse Launcher documentation

Which I did in my case but I still have the issue, I wonder if it supports authenticated proxy (ex : user:password@server.com:port). Maybe that is the reason why it still doesn’t work on my side since our proxy server requires that.

I do believe our organization does utilize authenticated proxy security. Is there a workaround for that or is this going to be uncharted territory

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Hi @user121064! The development team got back to me and had a few thing for you to try.

  • Try adding your server to the allowed list: Firewalls — Omniverse Launcher documentation
  • Also your logs show an error about self-signed certificates in their chain:
    FetchError: request to https://messages.launcher.omniverse.nvidia.com/en/gdpr.json failed, reason: self signed certificate in certificate chain
    Which might mean that you have an 802.11x “transparent” proxy redirect. Your may want to see if they are redirecting your DNS until you authenticate it.

I have similar error:

Unable to download GDPR agreements and EULA. You may need to inspect your internet connection and restart the launcher. Try these troubleshooting links for [Proxy](https://docs.omniverse.nvidia.com/prod_launcher/prod_launcher/proxy_server.html) and [Firewall](https://docs.omniverse.nvidia.com/prod_launcher/prod_launcher/firewalls.html) configurations.

How can I solve it ? How add it server to the allowed list in firewall ? And I don’t have firewall, why I have got this error ?

Same problem here on new install on Windows 11 desktop. Turning firewall off does nothing, restarting does nothing, uninstall and reinstall also nothing. I have Windows laptop on same network and it installed fine.

i meet same error, how to fix it?

I fixed it by installing VPN.

I also meet this problem and find that in my case it is due to the expiration of EULA and GDPR certificates. I’m not sure why this happened…but I finally logged in successfully by setting system time earlier than the expiration time…

Hoping someone can locate the exact problem and solve this problem in a right way :)

Thanks, @lixia.ni.zj - we are investigating your issue and will update here shortly.

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P.S. The Omniverse documentation site has more info and links to all tutorial videos (under the “Learning and Feedback” category on left nav bar): Omniverse Platform Overview — Omniverse Developer documentation

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This has been resolved…please let us know if you still have this issue. Thank you again!

Same problem: Unable to download GDPR agreements and EULA. You may need to inspect your internet connection and restart the launcher.
I don’t use proxy server. Using VPN didn’t help.

Hello! Can you please help me with the same issue? I attached the log file.
launcher.log (110.0 KB)

Windows 10 Pro 21H2
NVidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti
Driver version 516.59
Omniverse Launcher version

Hello @glorious_g! From your logs, it looks like the error is happening from Amazon Servers. I am seeing an HTTP403 error which means that the server recieved your request, but is denying you access.

Due to current events, Amazon is abiding by international trade laws and sanctions. You may be in a restricted country. If you are not in a country that is affected by sanctions please DM me your location to help troubleshoot the issue.

Hello and thanks for the reply! I’m in Ukraine and as I know Amazon supports us now against russian agression, so this issue is very strange.