Unable to download Isaac Sim on WSL2

I am trying to install Isaac sim on WSL2, and the install keeps failing on post.isaac.sim.install.sh.

I installed the Cuda 11.7 toolkit and validated the install with ubuntu’s documentation. (Enabling GPU acceleration on Ubuntu on WSL2 with the NVIDIA CUDA Platform | Ubuntu)

I have installed the latest game ready drivers 517.48. using GeForce experience.

I have tested for Vulcan support by running the Vulcan cube example and Vulcaninfo.
vulcaninfo.txt (35.2 KB)

I have a supported version of xorg-core.
Version: 1:7.7+19ubuntu14

isaacsimerror.txt (408.8 KB)

Most importantly Isaac sim successfully installed on windows using the same drivers. I need to use the Linux version of Isaac sim for ROS2 support and have windows running simultaneously for telemetric data. WSL is my best option. I have tried the docker container and it does not have all the functionality that I need. Thanks for your help!

Hi. WSL is currently not supported.