Unable to download Jetson AGX Xavier Development Kit Carrier Board BOM or Board Design Files

I am trying to download the Jetson AGX Xavier Carrier Board Design Files and BOM from the Developer documentation site. Nothing happens and there are no error or warning messages. However, there are no issues with downloading other documentation for the Jetson AGX module and Jetson AGX Developer Kit . Please advise.

With the current security situation, unfortunately there are a lot of broken services and links.
Would you please help to point out the problem file links?


Thank you for your response. Here are some links that I have tried that do not work for me. There is no response at all. No errors or warnings:


Thank you!

Sorry!. The last link should have been:


Thank you.

Supposed you’re the member of the developer site, please try to re-login again to see if issue still present, or try with anotehr browser, even clean the browser cookies/caches to try agian.

Thank you for the recommendations. I will try them and provide the results. Yes, I just recently applied for developer membership, and everything else seems to be fine. I have downloaded many other Jetson AGX documents without any problems.

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