Unable to download libcudnn7-dev-cross-aarch64

Hello, I’m not able to find the package libcudnn7-dev-cross-aarch64*_.deb anywhere;

I’ve pulled the docker image nvidia/cuda:10.2-cudnn7-devel-ubuntu18.04 and trying to install the cross compile package for cudnn.

I’ve already done it with a similar image nvidia/cuda:11.4-cudnn8-devel-ubuntu20.04, It wasn’t easy to find the cross-compile package but at the end it was available here

Now with cudnn 7.6.5, in ubuntu 18.04 and with Cuda 10.2 I’m not able to find the correct package

Hi @fd1 ,
You can find the packages for old releases in cudnn archive section.
Your package will be available under [Download cuDNN v7.6.5 (November 18th, 2019), for CUDA 10.2]

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