Unable to download MDL SDK:

“Membership required”, “You are not authorized to access this page.”
at https://developer.nvidia.com/designworks/dl/mdl-sdk-2018.1.1

I both have membership and pressed “Agree and download”. 3 different browsers.
Is it just for me, or no one able to download it?

Its not just you, it seems the new update is not accessible to all members. We will check and i will report back

Reportedly has been fixed, please try again.
Sorry for that

Well, right now I can download the file, but for some reason the name of download is: mdl-sdk-307800.2890 .solitairetheme8, tried with Chrome/Opera.

This is a windows bug,
new to me is that also chrome is affected. we will change the extension. meanwhile you can just rename the file to mdl-sdk-307800.2890.tgz