unable to execute debug server: ./pgserv


I am attempting to debug some F90 code using pgdebug

I compile my program with

pgf90 -g

, and then run pgdebug on the executable.

I then e.g.

break MAIN

which works as expected, but upon doing run yields an

unable to execute debug server: ./pgserv


Any help with this matter is much appreciated as I can not find anything online regarding this.

Hi luciano_e_laratelli,

“pgserv” is the binary that’s used to attach the front-end debugger to your running binary. This error means that it can’t be found in your PATH for some reason or you don’t have permissions to execute it.

I also find it odd that it’s listed as “./pgserv” since if it can’t be found, the full path to the PGI bin directory (same location as pgdbg) should be listed.

First, from the command line, what’s the output from “which pgserv”?

Is the PGI bin directory in your PATH? Does pgserv exist in this directoyr and do you have execute permissions?

Are you running this code on a remove node that maybe doesn’t have PGI installed?