Unable to extract Compiler Feedback Information

When I enable compiler feedback information via –Minfo=ccff or enable function level profiling and attempt to run pgprof, I always end up with the error:

Unable to extract Compiler Feedback information from [executable]
Possible causes include file and directory permissions and disk space

Disabling compiler feedback and performing basic profiling with pgcollect works OK.

I would really like to enable compiler feedback when profiling. Is there a way to get around this issue? I am on Windows 7 64-bit using Visual Fortran 13.3. I have plenty of disk space ~600GB free and have full permissions (I am administrator).



When you invoke pgcollect, are you in the directory where it was built by PVF? For example, if your solution and project are named app1 then:

C:\tmp\app1\app1\x64\Debug> pgcollect app1

If so, try moving up two directories and running from there:

C:\tmp\app1\app1> pgcollect x64\Debug\app1

Then invoke pgprof:

C:\tmp\app1\app1> pgprof

It looks like a problem with pgprof’s expectations regarding paths. If this works for you, let us know. Hopefully it will get you going.

I just tried your advice of running pgprof from the project base path and unfortunately that didn’t work either. I still get the same error.

‘unable to extract Compiler Feedback information…’.

Just one thing more to check…before you run pgprof from the project base directory, you should delete the directory “pgprof.ccff” located in the same directory as the executable (if it exists).

Let us know if that has any effect.

I tried your recommendation and I still get the same error unfortunately. The only way I can seem to get pgprof to work is if I turn CCFF information completely off.

OK. It looks like we have more work to do to reproduce your problem.

One way to get some of the Compiler Feedback information is to compile with -Minfo (as opposed to -Minfo=ccff) and capture the output in a file. Some of the same information that you get in the Compiler Feedback features of the profiler will just be printed to the standard output. There are various suboptions to -Minfo to control what the output contains; see the compiler’s ‘-help’ output for details.

Of course in this case you will need to correlate the compiler feedback to the source code and profile data manually, and feedback will be lackling the “optimization hints” found in the Compiler Feedback. Sorry for the inconvenience.

TPR 18242 - pgprof is not always able to generate CCFF information a PVF-built executable
Corrected how file path names are processed on Windows by pgprof

is corrected in the 13.5 release.

Thanks for the report.