Unable to finish CUDA 10.1 installation.


First of all thanks for your time and your input. I’m not a native english speaker but i’ll do my best.
I’m not a developer so consider explaining your answer gently.

I have a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 (specs here), Windows 10 V1803 / 17134.590

It’s been 8 hours since i’m struggling with CUDA. I’m quite used to computer and Windows but it has been a long time since i didn’t struggle like this. I spent all the day finding every posts and threads that could help me. So you easily guess that if i’m writing here, I didn’t get to find a correct answer to my problem.

So long story short : I had cuda 10.0 installed. I tried to execute DeepFaceLabCUDA (work reasons). At step 6, the first one using CUDA, cmd send me error message that i couldn’t totally understand but were related to NVIDIA CUDA DEV TOOLKIT (if i got this right, i need to install a specific subpackage).

In order to install NVIDIA CUDA DEV TOOLKIT i decide to uninstall my CUDA(10.0) already installed on my computer. Since then, i’m unable to correctly install it.

I start with the documentation, Installation Guide Windows.

I install the windows setup, i follow the steps. The installation works fine.

I’m basically stuck at step 2.5 : Verify the installation

From this thread, i understand that it’s normal to not find any deviceQuery.exe in
C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\CUDA Samples\v10.1\bin\win64\Release

but only these 3 bad boys :

I also understand that I need to install Visual Studio to build myself the .exe file that will help me verify the installation.

I installed Visual Studio 17 Community (not gonna pay). I open Samples_vs2017.sln, located in
C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\CUDA Samples\v10.1

I’m not familiar with visual studio and its working, but I understand that i’m supposed to “build” the .exe

But here is the error that i encounter when i open Sample_vs2017.sln :

The solution was not properly loaded. For more information, see the output window.

And here is what the output windows told me : https://paste.ofcode.org/3ahKteF6Y3PdRWCL6dBVdT8

So basically i’m unable to build anything from Visual Studio.

Of course i uninstalled and reinstalled Visual Studio, I tried with older version (2015).
At this point i don’t know what to do. Like, why not just put the .exe in the folder already? It’s like a skill test, to know if one is skilled enough to work with the dev toolkit ? Every step I made create me new problems

I need your help,